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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With Bariatric Surgery Financing

financing for bariatric surgery in tijuana mexicoBariatric Surgery Financing help is available for our patients  concerned about spending money or consuming their savings.

CER Bariatric with Dr. Carlos, try to help as many patients as they can to live their dreams of having a healthier life. We understand USA Bariatric Surgery can be pricey, due to rising medical cost or Insurance Companies not covering it, because it is classified as an elective surgery.

We know this is a procedure that can help with weight loss and help eliminate many diseases. Such as, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, just to mention some.

Bariatric surgery program financing at CER Tijuana Mexico

Steps to apply for a Bariatric Surgery Finance

Best Bariatric Surgery Financing options in Tijuana Mexico
  • Select the financing company that fits your needs

    We work with three financial institutions Citerra, United Medical & Medicard

  • Submit your application online in confidence.

    Choose the amount you would need to finance

    Choose to finance the whole procedure, or just a portion

    Choose your ideal terms: # months or years.

  • Wait until the finance company approves your application.

    The company will be in touch with you,

    Once you receive the answer you will be able to sign and return the required documents to proceed with the process.

  • You are ready to proceed with your Bariatric Surgery

    Please be in contact with Jack to continue with your Bariatric surgery process.

Bariatric Surgery Financial Company

We work with three financial institutions that are creditors and give their loans based on your FICO score and credit history. Also, a good thing about these companies is that they may let you use a co-applicant if you need it. For example, if the patient isn’t the head of the household, they can use the co-applicants credit for the loan.

The companies have a response time of  24-48 hours after sending your loan application. But, it will be up to the patient to read the terms provided by the loan company. In case, the terms are agreeable, let the company know, for your loan process to start. Also, let them know that you will have surgery with CER Bariatric / CER Group Corp and give them with a surgical date.

Citerra Finance

Providing clients with financial and emotional support to help them build their confidence and achieve their goals through a medical procedure.

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UniitedMedicalCredit_bariatric surgery
United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit is designed to make care accessible to you!

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Medicard Canada

Canada’s Patient Financing Company

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