Your New Year’s Weight Loss Journey with CER Bariatrics

Why CER Bariatrics is Right for You As we step into the New Year, it's a great time to start fresh and make positive changes. If you're thinking about having weight loss surgery, this time of year can be a good opportunity to begin that journey. Let's explore why choosing CER Bariatrics for your weight loss journey might be the right decision for you and how you can make the most of the New Year for a healthier lifestyle. Expert Help: At CER Bariatrics, we have a team of people who are really good at weight loss surgeries. They know a lot and can help you through your journey. We Take Care of Everything: We don't just do the surgery and then forget about you. We will help you before, during, and after the surgery so that you get all the help you need. Special Help for You: Everybody is different. We know that, and we'll give you the help that you need, just for you. Lots of People Have Done Well: We've helped many people lose weight and get healthy. We can do the same for you. New Year, New Beginning The start of a new year is [...]

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Bariatric Surgery Blogs for Informed Decision Making

  Finding information about weight loss surgery It can be confusing and even dangerous due to false or misleading content. Making informed decisions about bariatric surgery is critical for success and safety. To help, here's a list of the top 10 bariatric surgery blogs. They share reliable information, patient experiences, and insights from experts. BariatricEating.Com Why Follow: Insightful guidance, bariatric meal plans, recipes, support, and product recommendations. Noteworthy Feature: Diverse information catering to various bariatric needs. BariLife.Com Why Follow: Offers crucial nutritional information and effective diet tips tailored for post-bariatric patients. Noteworthy Feature: Insights and support from a specialized formula designed by a surgeon. GastricSleeve.Com Why Follow: A forum and blog platform driven by real patients, supplying firsthand, unfiltered information. Noteworthy Feature: Authentic accounts and experiences shared by fellow patients undergoing similar journeys. Penn Medicine - Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Blog Why Follow: Learn all about bariatric surgery, exercises, recipes, and valuable insights from the Penn Medicine program team. Noteworthy Feature: Real patient stories and professional guidance for ongoing weight-loss journeys. BariatricGirl.Com Why Follow: Yvonne McCarthy, a musician, photographer, and health coach, shares her valuable insights about bariatric surgery. Noteworthy Feature: Engaging content that offers an excellent understanding of [...]

Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid After Gastric Sleeve

If you've recently had a gastric sleeve surgery with CER Bariatrics, you've taken a big step to get healthier. After the surgery, it's important to be careful about the diets you choose. There are Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid that might seem popular but could actually be harmful or not helpful for your health after a gastric sleeve surgery. Let's take a closer look at some of these diets and why it's better to steer clear of them to ensure you take the best care of yourself. Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid and What to Do Instead Action Why to Avoid It What to Do Instead: Drinking Only Liquids for a Very Long Time While liquids are good right after the surgery, only long-term consumption might not give your body the important nutrients it needs, such as proteins, good fats, and vitamins and minerals. Gradually switch from liquids to eating a variety of healthy foods. Extreme Diets with Very Few Calories Diets that promise fast weight loss with few calories can harm your health. After a gastric sleeve surgery, it's crucial to give your body the right nutrition and lose weight healthily, not super fast. Talk to a [...]

Must-Hear Podcasts for Bariatric Patients

Podcasts for Bariatric Patients are an essential part of your journey towards weight loss, especially through bariatric surgery. At CER Bariatrics, we understand the significance of this decision and are here to support you, providing not only medical assistance but also valuable insights through the best Podcasts for Bariatric Patients. Starting your weight loss journey is a significant step, and our aim is to ensure you have comprehensive resources to guide you through every stage of the process.   The Bariatric Life Podcast: Real Stories, Real Triumphs   Join us on "The Bariatric Life Podcast" for a virtual tour of the bariatric experience. Hear personal stories from folks who've conquered weight loss challenges. Get inspired and grab practical tips from the CER Bariatrics community.   Nutrition Nuggets: Easy Bites for Better Eating   "Nutrition Nuggets" is your go-to for post-bariatric surgery nutrition. Our nutritionists at CER Bariatrics share quick advice, tasty recipes, and answers to common questions. It's your guide to making smart food choices for a healthier you.   Mindful Living: Loving Your New Self   "Mindful Living" takes you on a journey of self-discovery after weight loss. Explore the emotional side of things with our mental health experts. [...]

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Safe

The decision to embark on a Weight Loss Journey through surgery is life-changing, and safety is a top concern. In this comprehensive article, we explore the safety and efficacy of weight loss surgery in Mexico, a popular destination for bariatric procedures. Unravel the truth behind board-certified surgeons, accredited facilities, and the potential for substantial cost savings. Discover the key factors that ensure a secure and successful weight loss experience. Join us as we address common questions and misconceptions, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding weight loss surgery in Mexico

How pets facilitate recovery after weight loss surgery

In this article, we will explore the story of a person who underwent weight loss surgery and how their beloved pets helped enhance their recovery journey. By sharing this personal account, we aim to shed light on the remarkable impact animals can have on human well-being during challenging times.

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