Is Gatorade Post-Surgery Safe to Drink?

Gatorade Post-Surgery: Safe? The Importance of Staying Hydrated After Weight Loss Surgery After undergoing weight loss surgery at CER Bariatrics, it is crucial to be mindful of the impact of your diet on your health, particularly in relation to the beverages you consume. One common question that arises is whether it's safe to drink Gatorade after weight loss surgery. The good news is that it is indeed safe to incorporate Gatorade into your post-surgery diet. Staying properly hydrated is of utmost importance after weight loss surgery. Adequate water intake is essential for your body to function optimally and to support the healing process. Electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, play a critical role in maintaining the body's balance, especially during the recovery phase following surgery. Gatorade, which contains these essential electrolytes, can be beneficial in replenishing these vital nutrients and ensuring proper hydration. In summary, mindful consumption of beverages, including plain water and electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, is integral to your post-surgery diet and recovery. By making informed choices, you can support your body's healing and overall well-being following weight loss surgery. Gatorade Post-Surgery: Sugar and Additives Explained After weight loss surgery, it's crucial to stay well-hydrated [...]

Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid After Gastric Sleeve

If you've recently had a gastric sleeve surgery with CER Bariatrics, you've taken a big step to get healthier. After the surgery, it's important to be careful about the diets you choose. There are Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid that might seem popular but could actually be harmful or not helpful for your health after a gastric sleeve surgery. Let's take a closer look at some of these diets and why it's better to steer clear of them to ensure you take the best care of yourself. Trendy Unhealthy Diets to Avoid and What to Do Instead Action Why to Avoid It What to Do Instead: Drinking Only Liquids for a Very Long Time While liquids are good right after the surgery, only long-term consumption might not give your body the important nutrients it needs, such as proteins, good fats, and vitamins and minerals. Gradually switch from liquids to eating a variety of healthy foods. Extreme Diets with Very Few Calories Diets that promise fast weight loss with few calories can harm your health. After a gastric sleeve surgery, it's crucial to give your body the right nutrition and lose weight healthily, not super fast. Talk to a [...]

Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery: Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday

Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery, a time for feasting and gratitude, can be a bit challenging for those who have undergone bariatric surgery, such as a Gastric band, Gastric bypass, or Sleeve gastrectomy. The holiday season's food-centric nature presents unique obstacles for individuals who are watching their calorie intake and maintaining their post-surgery dietary guidelines. However, with the right strategies, you can have a joyful and fulfilling Thanksgiving without compromising your health. 1. Recipe ideas for Thanksgiving after bariatric surgery One of the best ways to ensure a bariatric-friendly Thanksgiving is to prepare or bring a dish that aligns with your dietary needs. Consider cooking or purchasing a protein or vegetable-based item. For instance, a vegetable platter with a low-fat greek yogurt dip or hummus can be an appetizing and nutritious addition to the table. By contributing with a healthy dish option, you'll have something satisfying to enjoy while resisting the temptation of less nutritious dishes. 2. Stick to Your Plan Before indulging in Thanksgiving delights, it's crucial to know what foods are compatible with your post-bariatric surgery diet and what to avoid. While it can be tempting to try a bit of everything, remind yourself of your health goals [...]

Gastric Bypass vs sleeve

Gastric Sleeve surgery removes a large part of the stomach, creating a smaller pouch. People also refer to it as vertical sleeve gastrectomy. This surgical approach limits food consumption, effectively supporting weight loss. Gastric Bypass surgery creates a smaller stomach and changes the path of a section of the small intestine. This change affects digestion by making food skip a part of the small intestine where it normally absorbs calories and nutrients.

How to Take Care of Yourself After Your Bariatric Surgery?

SO, YOU’VE HAD YOUR BARIATRIC SURGERY ALREADY? You might be wondering what’s next? How should you take care of yourself? Your body has changed and will continue to change for the next few months, therefore it is important for you to keep in mind that you cannot continue with the same habits you had before your Bariatric Surgery. Here we have listed 5 important tips on how to take care of yourself now that you’ve had your Bariatric Surgery. TAKE CARE OF YOUR WOUNDS You may take a shower two days after surgery (unless instructed otherwise) while protecting your wounds with the sterilized tape. Do not remove the tapes; they will start falling off by themselves. If you touch your wounds, remember to do so with clean set of hands. Try to avoid sunshine. If it’s impossible to do so, remember to apply sunblock on your wounds. HOW MUCH TO EAT? Your stomach is only capable to retain approximately 4 oz of food now. It is important that you eat small portions of low calorie food frequently during the day. Not eating enough food might result on a lot of stress on your body caused by long periods of [...]

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