Choosing Weight Loss: Surgery vs. Medical Support

Choosing Weight Loss is a significant decision. Whether you're considering weight loss through bariatric surgery or seeking guidance from medical professionals, it's important to understand the available options. At CER Bariatrics, we provide a range of methods for weight management. Distinguishing between bariatric surgery and medical weight management is crucial for making informed decisions about your health. Choosing weight loss through bariatric surgery or medical weight management requires careful consideration of the available options. Bariatric surgery changes how the digestive system works to help people lose weight. You can undergo gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric banding surgeries, all of which help limit food intake. People with bariatric surgery often lose a lot of weight and see lasting improvements in their health and lifestyle. Research indicates that bariatric surgery can help lose weight and improve health, including managing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Before undergoing surgery, you must meet specific requirements, such as having a high BMI or health issues associated with obesity. Following surgery, adjusting your diet and exercise habits is important to lose weight and maintain good health. At CER Bariatrics, we provide comprehensive care and guidance through personalized plans [...]

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The Top 10 Movies for Bariatric Patients

Believe it or not, movies can be a great source of inspiration! Here's a list of the top 10 movies for Bariatric Patientst hat can lift your spirits and keep you going on your bariatric journey. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Story: This movie is about a real guy, Chris Gardner, who faced a lot of challenges but never gave up. It's a feel-good reminder that tough times can lead to better days. Julie & Julia (2009) Story: Mixing cooking, passion, and a sprinkle of comedy, this film tells the stories of Julia Child and a regular gal, Julie Powell. It's all about loving what you do and sticking to your dreams. Rocky (1976) Story: Join Rocky Balboa in this classic underdog tale. It's not just about boxing; it's about working hard, staying disciplined, and believing in yourself. Legally Blonde (2001) Story: Elle Woods, a pink-loving sorority girl, breaks stereotypes and rocks Harvard Law School. It's a fun ride that teaches us to be true to ourselves. The Blind Side (2009) Story: Based on a true story, this movie follows Michael Oher's journey from homelessness to NFL success. It's about kindness, mentorship, and never giving up. Soul Surfer (2011) Story: [...]

Best Free Stress Relief Apps for Post-Bariatric Patients.

A post-bariatric journey is a big deal, and dealing with stress along the way is completely normal. That's why we've rounded up some awesome Stress Relief Apps for Post-Bariatric Patients. that work well on both iPhone and Android, specially chosen for folks like you who are going through the post-bariatric adventure with CER Bariatrics.   Calm: Your Pocket Relaxation Buddy   In the chaos of life, finding peace is crucial. Calm is like a little Zen master in your pocket, and it works on both iPhone and Android. It helps you chill out with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, perfect for managing stress during your post-bariatric journey.   Key Features: - Easy-to-follow meditation sessions. - Breathing exercises for quick relaxation. - Bedtime stories to help you sleep like a baby.   Headspace: Stress Relief Made Simple   Mindfulness doesn't have to be confusing. Headspace is all about making meditation and stress management super easy. It works on iPhone and Android, offering quick sessions that fit right into your post-bariatric routine.   Key Features: - Short and sweet meditation sessions. - Plans personalized for stress reduction. - Mindful workouts to keep it fun.   Moodfit: Your Personal Well-being Sidekick   Post-bariatric [...]

How pets facilitate recovery after weight loss surgery

In this article, we will explore the story of a person who underwent weight loss surgery and how their beloved pets helped enhance their recovery journey. By sharing this personal account, we aim to shed light on the remarkable impact animals can have on human well-being during challenging times.

Maintain Your Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

10 WAYS TO MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AFTER BARIATRIC SURGERY How to maintain your weight Loss after bariatric surgery is a lifesaving procedure. You will lose weight. You will reduce your co-morbidities and you will feel better and look better. However, to be successful (long-term), you have to change your diet. This sounds simple, but it’s not. Be prepared for a struggle. You’ve spent much of your life building and reinforcing bad eating habits. Those have to change. Here are 10 ways to maintain your weight loss after bariatric surgery. 1. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST Most people are pretty good at eating the same breakfast day in and day out, and usually this is a healthy meal! Start your day right with some protein, fruit or vegetable and some fiber in order to start your metabolism for the day. Your surgery was designed for you to eat small amounts of food a few times per day, so you can’t skip breakfast and eat more at dinnertime. 2. SAVE YOUR STARCHES Many of our patients find that their appetite returns about 6-9 months after surgery, and they usually find more room in their diet for starches! These are things like bread, [...]

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