Please be aware that the new protocol has been created to reduce the risk of any of our patient’s staff or loved ones from contracting the COVID -19 Virus. We apologize if any of the COVID -19 safety protocols inconvenience you or your guest in any way, this is not our intention, but we must ensure our patients and staff come and have surgery with as little risk to them as possible.

      Thank you for entrusting us with your care and please help us fight this epidemic by following the set protocol for you all of our safety.

      Please be aware CER hospital is not a COVID-19 attention centers in Baja California, so no one in our hospital is being treated for COVID 19. In the case we detect someone infected with COVID-19, they will be immediately redirected to the nearest COVID-19 attention center.

      We understand our patients wish to have a loved one with them during their procedure, but to reduce the inflow of people in our hospital our first protocol is to recommend to our patients to travel alone for their procedure.

      Please be aware if a patient does travel with a guest, the guest will be required to purchase a safety kit that includes safety garments and immediate COVID -19 test, if the test returns positive the guest will not be able to stay and it will be recommended they go to the nearest COVID-19 attention center. (cost of safety Kit USD 150).

      All patients & guest traveling to CER Hospital will be required to have a COVID – 19 Test performed seven days before surgery, the test must be negative in order for the patient or their guest to remain at CER Hospital.

      As a recommendation, CER Hospital recommends the patient to quarantine themselves for fourteen days before traveling to CER Hospital.

      While traveling to CER Hospital, it is recommended that patients and guests wear facemask and face shields if possible, to reduce their risk of infections, as well as some antibacterial gel with over 60% alcohol.

      Patients and Guests will be emailed a disclosure and questioner. They will be required to sign and fill out the new COVID-19 disclosure and questioner and it is to be emailed back to us before surgery. The patients will also be asked to sign and fill out said documents again upon arriving at CER Hospital, failure to sign a disclosure, and the questioner will result in the surgery not being performed.

      Thank you for your comprehension and understanding in this matter, let us move forward with our lives but let’s do it without placing ourselves or others at risk.

      Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns?

      Please find attachments below: