• Laboratory & Xray Services

        Whatever you need during your visit, will be near to you.

        For you and your companion, we can provide any additional laboratory or X-ray test.

      • Companions Food & Beverages

        Inside the Hospital, we have a coffee shop named “Caritos Cafe”. You and your family will find delicious food and beverages during your stay at CER Bariatrics.

      • Drug Store

        Drug Store 
Outside of our building, we count with our own Drug Store, we consider it an easy option to provide you additional meds if needed.

      • Nutrition Care

        Suzette Avila, will guide you during 3 months after your Bariatric Surgery at no extra cost.

        After that, if you want to have long-term guidance, she could provide personalized counseling to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

      • Hotels

        We have an excellent relationship with the best Hotels at the city, you will receive a special price for you and your family.