Most effective gastric balloon procedure done in Tijuana Mexico by board certified bariatric surgeons

      What’s Gastric Balloon?

      Gastric Balloon (also called intragastric or stomach balloon) is a temporary, removable device that is placed in the stomach by endoscopy (through the mouth) and can remain for up to six months. Patients with a BMI above 30 are eligible for a gastric balloon surgery.

      Our board certified surgeons meet with patients and discuss the best options for getting the best results from the gastric balloon procedure in Tijuana Mexico.


      • Surgery is done under endoscopically.

      • You only need to be in fasting for 24 hours previous surgery.

      • Whilst deflated the gastric balloon is inserted into your stomach through your mouth and esophagus.

      • This is done using a thin, flexible tube that has a light and a camera on one end, called an endoscope.

      • You will be given a mild sedative or a “light” anaesthetic for this procedure.

      • This in as outpatient procedure.

      • Surgery lasts about 15-30 minutes.

      • It can be removed from 6 months to 1 year.

      Mexico gastric balloon


      We would recommend at least a couple of days off work following your gastric balloon fitting. Often patients take a week. Everyone is different in their general health and wellbeing as well as their daily job and its responsibilities.

      Only you can judge when you’re ready to return to work. It may be that you are able to go back and perform light duties after the first few days or you may wish to take an extended amount of time off just to ensure your full recovery.

      They Changed Their Lives, What About You?

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