Hi, my name is Shatasha Roberts. I am from Sweet Water, Texas, and I’d like to share my transformational journey of health and weight loss with you. A crucial decision I made was to undergo Gastric Sleeve surgery at CER Bariatrics, spearheaded by the renowned Dr. Carlos in Mexico.


Expectations and Previous Experience

Before making this life-changing decision, I took my time to study and understand the process and the man behind it. Dr. Carlos was a standout professional with impressive credentials that gave me the confidence to move forward. My previous medical experiences in Mexico, particularly related to dental procedures, also contributed to my comfort and confidence.

Travel and Arrival

When it came to the journey itself, the process was smooth and entirely hassle-free. Upon my arrival in Mexico, I was warmly welcomed by the transport team from CER Bariatrics. I was pleased with their punctuality as they arrived within fifteen minutes of my landing. It’s worth noting their professionalism and the comfort provided during the ride to the hospital, making my initial experience in Mexico pleasant and stress-free.

Once at the hospital, I was quickly introduced to the healthcare team, who were ready to begin the initial medical procedures. The efficiency of the system was impressive – within an hour and a half, they had completed the necessary lab work, X-rays, and EKG. This promptness reassured me and affirmed that I had chosen the right place for my surgery.

The team guided me through each step, ensuring I was fully informed and comfortable. They clarified my doubts and made sure I understood the significance of each test. The high-tech equipment and the skilled medical professionals who operated them further enhanced my confidence in the hospital’s capabilities.

Such a seamless arrival and pre-operative experience set a positive tone for my entire weight loss surgery journey. It highlighted the perfect blend of Mexican hospitality and medical expertise that CER Bariatrics is known for.

Surgical Experience

The surgical experience at CER Bariatrics was second to none. I was initially introduced to the procedure by Ari, my dedicated coordinator. Ari took the time to walk me through the entire process step by step, ensuring that I understood what was to occur and addressing any concerns that I had. Ari’s personable and patient nature made a significant difference in my pre-operative experience, making me feel heard and well-prepared.

Next, I was introduced to the nursing staff, with Edwin being my primary nurse. Edwin was both compassionate and professional, ensuring that I was comfortable at all times and addressing any last-minute anxieties I might have had. His bedside manner and clinical expertise helped to instill confidence in me.

Dr. Carlos, my surgeon, was the epitome of professionalism. Before the surgery, he took the time to explain the details of the procedure thoroughly. He explained what he would be doing, what I could expect during and after the surgery, and he answered all of my questions. His attention to detail, combined with his reassurances, made me feel comfortable and confident about the surgery. His approach gave me a sense of personal care that I believe is crucial when it comes to a surgical experience.

The surgical team was also incredible. From the anesthesiologist to the operating room nurses, everyone was professional, competent, and friendly. Their collective experience and skills were clearly reflected in their seamless teamwork, making the entire procedure smooth and successful.

The surgical experience at CER Bariatrics not only showcased exceptional professional expertise but also emphasized personal care and attention. This perfect blend significantly enhanced my trust in them, making my weight loss surgery journey more comfortable and confident.

Post-Surgery Experience

The professionalism and dedication of the surgical team were remarkable. My hospital stay was comfortable, and the cleanliness was impeccable. The team placed a significant emphasis on COVID-19 precautions, conducting regular cleanings and always wearing masks, which made me feel safe and cared for.


Looking back at my experience, I would highly recommend CER Bariatrics, Dr. Carlos, and his incredible team to anyone considering weight loss surgery. The patient coordinators, nutritionist, and anesthesiologist were exceptional in their roles and provided excellent care. They were not only efficient in their duties but also commendable in their communication and attention to patient care.

Comment from Joann Cooper Troupe

Adding to my experience, Joann Cooper Troupe, a fellow patient who is now seven years post-op, encourages us not to live in fear of Covid-19. She, like me, attests to the significant positive impact of the weight loss surgery on her health and overall quality of life.

In conclusion, embarking on this journey of weight loss surgery in Mexico has been transformative and empowering. It’s more than just about losing weight; it’s about gaining a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. If you’re considering this journey, remember: every step you take is a step towards a better version of yourself.

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