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      Welcome to CER Bariatrics Help Center! Our guides are a one-stop for common topics. We hope this section help you in the best way to answer and resolve any concert you may have.

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      Common Questions

      • CPAP Machine, if required
      • Personal Toiletries
      • Lip balm or Chapstick
      • Computer, iPad, phone or music player
      • A book, puzzle or game to keep occupied
      • Daily medication in their prescription bottles no Narcotic
      • Passport – if not your state ID and certified birth certificate
      • Small pillow for the flight, to cover the incisions under the seatbelt.
      • Small Bills 1$,5$,10$, and $20 for food, you can use large bills if you in cash pay for the surgery.
      • Visa and Master cards are accepted in Tijuana, but set up a travel flag if you plan on using them to do any shopping or for food.
      • No smoking in any area of the CER Hospital
      • No children, all guest must be 18 years or older
      • Food and beverages are not allowed in the patient rooms
      • No flowers or stuffed animals will be allowed at the hospital
      • Only non-narcotic medications are allowed in the hospital
      • Guest that appear to be under the influence of any illegal substance including alcohol will be asked to leave the premises and a $200 fine will be applied.

      Notice of payment at CER Hospital
      As a reminder, all payments at the Hospital will be required to be in Cash, if you wish to pay before, you may make a direct deposit or transfer from your account to our Bank of America account or you may pay through PayPal: Click Here. These payments must be made two weeks prior to your surgery.

      Flights are to be booked and paid by the patient and the flight itinerary is to be emailed to info@cerbariatrics.com for transportation arrangements and date confirmation.  If a patient is driving, they will be required to make a $500 driving deposit to secure their date. Flights and deposit are due 30 days before the surgery.

      All cancellations, or reschedules, must be made thirty days before your surgical date. Any cancellation or reschedules after the thirty days will be subject to loss of the $500 driving deposit or loss of the surgical date. CER Bariatrics will honor our 100% money-back guarantee as long as the patient cancels 30 days before the surgical date. The patient will be subject to a fee of $500 if the patient cancels on short notice or they are within 30 days of their surgical date. If the payment was made with a credit card a 3% will be deducted to the money that will be returned if the patient cancels out of the cancelation timeframe.

      • List item with no bullet
      • ✓ Transportation from and to the San Diego Airport
      • ✓ Medication pre- and post-op
      • ✓ Pre-op diet care via phone and email
      • ✓ Post-op with long term weight loss awareness via phone and email
      • ✓ One on One with Psychologist & Nutritionist
      • ✓ EKG + Chest X-Ray – Rapid COVID test
      • ✓ Room for you and one guest above 18 years of age.
      • ✓ Meals for you (guests must pay for their meals)
      • ✓ Post-op medication to take home with you.
      • ✓ The Surgery and Anesthesiologist
      • ✓ Pre-Examination (Blood Work) + Post-examinations (Leak Test)
      • ✓ Additional fees will apply for BMI 50 + and for Hiatal hernia