What your pack for your weight loss surgery trip to mexico

When packing you should always separate your stuff into two categories:

Stuff you will need when boarding your transportation, things like your cellphone, identification, passport, wallet and maybe some earphones. You don’t want to make a mess in your luggage by looking for your sunglasses. That’s why you should always bring a carry-on with all the basics.

Pack in your luggage for your weight loss trip

Stuff that will go into your luggage

Now that you have the most necessary things in a carry-on, it’s time to prepare a suitcase with the rest of the stuff you will need. This is a larger list and often depends on your own necessities, but we will share with you the most important elements you should pack for this trip. We recommend you pack your luggage in a 4 wheel suitcase to avoid doing any heavy lifting after the surgery.

Packing can be nerve-racking, the feeling of leaving something behind will always haunt us. Before getting into the details of what you should pack, we want to share with you a list of tips that will make this process a less stressful experience guaranteeing that all of the stuff you will need will definitely be in your luggage before you leave your home.

• Make a list: Be sure to always have a checklist of all the stuff you’re going to need during your trip and stay. And only do the check once the stuff is inside your carry-on or your suitcase, if you do it before it’s in there, chances are you will probably forget it.

• Avoid over or under-packing: Extra room means items can shift and crumple or break. And it’s important not to over-pack either or you’ll end up with an extra heavy suitcase with stuff that you won’t need during your stay. Remember to choose a suitcase of the right size, not too small and not too big.

• Organize the liquids in a bag: Stash any liquids you want to keep in your carry-on bag in a separate, clear bag so you can easily pass through security and of course to prevent any possible spills that might ruin your electronic devices.

Important to have on hand

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to somehow, miraculously, pack only exactly what we might need, no more, no less. This process alone takes a lot of effort mentally and sometimes physically, knowing exactly what you will need can change it all and help you have a more relaxed packing process. Now we’ll share with you the essentials for your surgery trip to Mexico, take notes and start your checklist.

• Money: We recommend you keep small bills in your bag if you need to buy snacks, water or any small items. You can cover your hospital expenses with credit cards or large bills.

• Passport or state ID: Having an ID with you is always important and don’t forget you’ll need your passport to return to the US.

• Cellphone: To maintain contact with your patient coordinator, family, friends or the hospital. And it can also serve as entertainment, just don’t forget your charger.

Things to prepare for personal food on your trip

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• Your daily medication: If you’re taking any kind of medication, you know you must bring it with you, it is very important that they stay in their original prescription bottles to avoid any trouble during inspection. We recommend you pack them in your carry-on if you need to take them during your flight.

• Comfortable clothes: Remember this is a surgery trip, you’re not on vacation and you don’t need fancy clothes. Pack some sweatpants, robes, t-shirts and slippers to have a comfortable experience during your stay at the hospital.

• Small pillow: If it’s possible, pack a small and comfortable pillow. I will make you feel at home during your recovery.

• Entertainment: Bring with you a book, magazine, game or any type of thing that will keep you entertained during wait times. You will have to spend numerous hours in the hospital and patients tend to get bored, don’t forget to bring something that will ease the boredom.

• Toiletries: Toothbrush, mouthwash and deodorant are a must, your hygiene is important and feeling clean will make you feel more comfortable during your stay. You can also bring shampoo and soap if you want.

• Slippers or comfortable shoes: Your comfort means everything. Bring your own slippers or your most comfortable shoes to make this experience a lot better.

• Don’t forget your mask: Remember that you’ll need it during your trip and stay, in Mexico it is still obligatory to wear a mask in public spaces.


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