Who is not a good candidate for gastric sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, or Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a very effective procedure for long-term weight loss. First, we need to consider some important factors to determine if we are suitable for Gastric Sleeve Surgery.


In this article we will know the characteristics of a good candidate for the Gastric Sleeve Procedure and the importance of evaluating the person carefully before starting this procedure.

Who is not a good candidate for Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery?

People with a low BMI: It is most suitable for people with a body mass index (BMI)over 40 or a BMI over 35 accompanied by obesity-related health problems like type 2 diabetes. People with a low BMI may consider that the Gastric Sleeve is not the most appropriate option. Perhaps the latter could consider minimally invasive procedures.

Those with a lower BMI may benefit from other less invasive weight loss methods.

Patients seeking a quick or temporary fix: Gastric Sleeve requires a long-term commitment to lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and regular exercise. Those looking for a quick fix or hoping the surgery will do all the work without additional effort are not good candidates.

People with uncontrolled health problems: Before undergoing any surgery, it is essential that patients have pre-existing medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, under control can have significant effects on overall health and it is necessary for patients to be as healthy as possible before the procedure.

People with unresolved psychological problems: Obesity can be associated with emotional problems and eating disorders. It is crucial that these issues have been adequately addressed before Gastric Sleeve Surgery is considered. A comprehensive approach and a good state of mental health are critical to the long-term success of the surgery.

Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant: Surgery can affect the ability to absorb nutrients and caloric intake, which can be problematic during pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that women wait until after they have given birth and completed breastfeeding before considering this procedure.

Instruction to Get Started


Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an effective option for Weight Loss in People with morbid obesity or related health conditions. However, as seen in the previous points, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an effective option for weight loss in people with morbid obesity or related health conditions. However, as seen in the previous points, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure.It is essential to carefully evaluate each case, taking into account many important factors, including BMI, physical and mental health, and willingness to make long-term lifestyle changes.

To ensure a successful Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the initial step is to get in touch with a medical professional. Although you may come across information online, it cannot substitute the evaluation of a surgeon. This step is straightforward and simple. If you have reached this point, it means you have already gathered more information.

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