VSG to Gastric Bypass Revision

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      What's VSG to Gastric Bypass Revision?

      Revision Surgery- Vertical Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass.

      The Revision surgery is for patients that have been given instructions by their Bariatric surgeon, to help them achieve their weight loss goal with a two-phase process to achieve optimal weight loss. Also, for patients that have hit a Plateau, no significant reduction of health problems, Severe reflux develop, and weight regain.


      Revision VSG to Gastric bypass surgery is a type of bariatric, or weight loss surgery. During gastric bypass surgery, your physician makes changes to your stomach and small intestine to change the way they absorb and digest food.

      • Restricting the amount of food that your stomach holds.

      • Limiting the number of calories and nutrients your body absorbs.

      • Changing your gut hormones, which help you feel fuller longer, contribute to appetite suppression and the reversal of obesity-caused metabolic syndrome.

      • Revision VSG to Gastric Bypass is a restrictive and malabsorptive surgery.

      VSG to Gastric Bypass Revision


      Revision Surgery VSG to Gastric Bypass is a major surgery. After Revision surgery, you will stay at CER Hospital for two nights and three days to recover. As always, you must follow the doctor’s post-op instructions.

      • Bowel movements may be difficult and may cause discomfort for a few days after surgery, but this is normal after bariatric surgery.

      • Be sure to Sip your liquids constantly to stay hydrated.

      • Constipation is a symptom you may encounter during the first week post-operative.

      • Walk as much as you can, this helps the healing process and helps the gas come out of your system.

      • Take your pain medication as instructed as it will help with the pain and they are also anti-inflammatories so they will help with the healing process.

      • Be sure to follow your pre-op and post-op diet plans to achieve greater weight loss success.

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