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Welcome to our page dedicated to Body Lift Surgery in Mexico. If you’ve experienced the impressive results of bariatric surgery but are now dealing with excess skin and fat, you’re not alone. Our friendly guide will walk you through the details of Body Lift Surgery, specifically tailored for those who have undergone bariatric procedures. Discover how this surgery can help you achieve the body contours you’ve been working hard for, ensuring you not only look but also feel your best. Whether you’re considering this transformation or simply curious about the possibilities, we’re here to provide clear insights, expert guidance, and support on your journey. Let’s explore how Body Lift in Mexico can be the key to your newfound confidence and celebration of your remarkable success.

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At CER Hospital, trust is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to providing world-class healthcare services is grounded in a set of core principles that make us the trusted choice for patients seeking transformative care.

  • Expertise: Our team comprises board-certified specialists with years of training and a wealth of experience, ensuring you receive the highest quality care.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We embrace the latest medical advancements and state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing precision and effectiveness in every procedure.
  • Safety: We adhere to stringent safety protocols, exceeding international healthcare standards to prioritize your well-being.
  • Dedication: Our compassionate staff is dedicated to your comfort and recovery, providing unwavering support throughout your healthcare journey.
  • Transparency: We believe in transparent communication, ensuring you are informed and empowered every step of the way.
  • Community Engagement: Beyond medical excellence, we are actively involved in giving back to our community, exemplifying our commitment to holistic well-being.
  • Trustworthiness: With a legacy of trust and reliability, CER Hospital stands as a beacon of integrity and care in the medical field.


Dr. Luis Suarez loves his work and he will do his best for each and every patient who puts their trust in him, by combining knowledge and skill he will enhance the human body and change lives.

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Body Lift Testimonials

They Changed Their Lives with one of our weight loss surgeries in Mexico. What About You?

Check out some of our Mexico body lift surgery reviews and get to know our patients, their families, and friends whom have shared about their experience during their stay with us.

Google Reviews

Discover what our patients have to say about their experiences at CER Hospital through our Google Reviews. These firsthand accounts reflect the trust, care, and excellence that define our healthcare journey. We invite you to explore these reviews to gain insights into the quality of care you can expect at CER Hospital.

I love Dr. Suarez. I was very scared to fly from out of town, but everything went smoothly. The hospital is spotless. The staff was punctual and professional. My surgery started on time and I was taken good care of by nurses afterwards. Exceptional care that American citizens don’t receive after surgery in the U.S. – I will definitely be back to have more surgery with Dr. Suarez. My experience was great. Thank you MJ for assisting me with everything!

C. Clark

I had surgery with Dr. Suarez on Nov 18, 2020, for skin removal after significant weight loss. Despite traveling alone at 52 due to my husband’s passing, Dr. Suarez’s assistant MJ provided exceptional guidance and support. The surgery and post-op care were outstanding. Hospital CER’s cleanliness and safety during the pandemic were reassuring. Dr. Suarez and CER exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend for their skill and compassion. Thank you, CER, for giving me my body back!

Laura Simonson

Dr. Luis Suarez is an absolute star! At 65, after losing 195 pounds, I needed breast surgery, and Dr. Suarez delivered perfection. His coordinator MJ Morales was exceptional, handling every aspect of my journey flawlessly. Dr. Daniela and the nursing staff at CER Hospital provided outstanding care. They went above and beyond to ensure my comfort, including extra treatments. Kudos to Nat, the hospital coordinator, for ensuring a perfect experience. See you in February for my next surgery!

Cheryl Fazzini

Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish! I am a repeat patient and would not trust any other surgeon-in the US or Mexico. CER is clean, has all amenities and comforts necessary. The entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable and informed during your visit. I have recommended Dr Suarez to several friends and family members, and will continue to do so. My results are better than I ever expected!

Jennifer Hastings

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