Types of Weight Loss Surgeries and Scars

Bariatric surgery, a substantial stride towards improved well-being, does result in scars. The presence and size of scars vary based on the procedure undertaken. In this article, we will look at bariatric surgery scars, their types, and what influences their appearance.

Single Incision Gastric Sleeve surgery scars

In this surgery, the surgeon removes a part of the stomach, creating a smaller pouch. This usually leaves a single vertical scar on the belly. The surgeon places the scar in a location that is difficult to notice.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Scars

Gastric bypass involves making a smaller stomach and changing the small intestine’s path. This can leave scars in different places, including the upper belly and the belly button. The main scar is often vertical, while the belly button scar is from small tools.

Gastric Balloon Scars

Gastric balloon surgery places a temporary inflatable balloon in the stomach to promote weight loss without surgery. Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it typically results in small and discreet scars, if any. Tiny incisions are made for inserting and removing the balloon, resulting in these scars.

Duodenal Switch Scars

In duodenal switch surgery, the surgeon takes out a part of the stomach and changes the arrangement of the small intestine to affect how food is digested. This procedure may result in multiple scars, including a larger scar along the upper abdomen where the stomach was operated on and smaller scars where instruments were inserted for the intestinal rearrangement.

Mini Gastric Bypass Scars

Mini gastric bypass surgery is similar to traditional gastric bypass but with a simplified technique. The scars from a mini gastric bypass are typically similar to those from a standard gastric bypass, with a main vertical scar on the upper belly and potential additional scars around the belly button and other incision sites.

It’s important to note that scar patterns can vary based on individual factors, surgical techniques, and the body’s healing process. Surgeons strive to place scars in discreet locations whenever possible to minimize their visibility.

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