Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

As an effort for our patients’ care, CER Hospital is constantly monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic and providing our patients with the latest updates on this matter. We want to reassure our patients that CER hospital is taking every preventive measure that can be taken to avoid exposure of this virus to any of our patients.

To better prepare ourselves all of our staff have just been provided an up training on how to handle a coronavirus incident and also how to detect a person that may be a carrier.

At the moment there have been no cases detected in the state of Baja California or its neighboring states, the closest report of a person that has contrasted this virus is over 1700 miles away in Mexico City.

As a precaution CER Hospital doctors recommend to all of our patients that are traveling through any airport, please be sure to use a breathing mask and carry some antibacterial gel with you and use it throughout your flight process. And please wash your hands thoroughly multiple times throughout the day.

We thank all of our patients for their trust in us and please be aware that we will keep you posted and will make sure our patients receive the best care possible.

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