COVID19 Our Patients Are First At CER Bariatrics

Covid-19 at CER Hospital & CER Bariatrics are one entity with Board Certified Surgeons. That have devoted their lives to the care of others and will uphold their oaths as caregivers. To put the care and health of our patients first.


Our Vision has always been to be the choice of our patients. To come to a safe hygienic and professional hospital of excellence. To have their life-changing procedures.

We as a whole stand with three main pillars, to achieve our vision.

The first pillar at CER Hospital & CER Bariatrics is Trust.

We want to ensure our patients have the trust that they will receive excellent and professional care. Without their health being jeopardized, CER Hospital holds our health standards and hygiene standards to US and Mexico health standards. By following FDA and Cofepris regulations.

Our second Pillar at CER Hospital is Confidence.

Our patients can be reassured that CER Hospital will do the right thing. We understand things can change from one day to the other. CER Hospital has set all possible precautions and will postpone and reschedule our patient’s surgery at no added cost if need be. We understand the times we are living in and we are taking the measures to ensure our patient’s health comes first.

Our Third Pillar FOR COVID-19 at CER Hospital is our guarantee.

All precautions are being taken for all of our patients, chiefly our American patients that place their trust in us and travel miles and miles to cross our border to have surgery with us. CER Hospital is committed to staying in the loop with all the latest updates during this troubling time. We have already provided the required training to our staff and have doubled our sanitizing protocols, as well we have prepared multiple rooms specialized to quarantine patients that may come in contact or that we may believe is infected, and have set the correct protocols in the event this may happen.

Thank you to all our patients for placing your trust in CER Hospital & CER Bariatrics as your caregivers and health providers, we open our hearts and offer our sincere condolences for those patients and their families or friends that have already been affected by this epidemic. Please stay strong and follow the recommended precautions to stay healthy for you and your families. We trust in our governments and are sure our governments will come to a swift and timely solution to this epidemic.

Thank you and God Bless.

Dr. Suarez Chief of Medicine

CER Hospital

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