Bariatric Patient Journey at CER Bariatrics : Katherine’s

Bariatric Patient Journey - her words: "Hey there! I'm Katherine, and I wanted to share my experience at CER Bariatrics in Mexico. I came all the way from Arizona to get a Gastric Sleeve operation. Here's how it went down in a bit more detail" I had an exceptional experience as a Bariatric Patient Journey at CER Bariatrics. The entire team made sure I felt comfortable and well taken care of from the moment I arrived. Ari and Jack, in particular, went above and beyond to ensure that I was prepared and at ease before the surgery. Their kindness and friendliness made a real difference. During my time at the facility, both the nurses and doctors were amazing. They always checked in on me, making sure I was comfortable and doing okay. Their attentive care and support had a significant impact on my overall experience. I can't thank them enough for their dedication and compassion. Before arriving at the hospital, I was tested for COVID-19 to ensure everyone's safety. The thoroughness of their precautions made me feel reassured. Prioritizing everyone's health is extremely important, don't you think? Before I went to the hospital, I stayed in [...]

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Arkansas Bariatric Journey: Lexi’s Story

I recently underwent surgery as part of my Arkansas Bariatric Journey at CER Bariatrics. It has been three days since the procedure, and I’m feeling really good. I was pretty anxious before the surgery, worrying about the potential pain, but everything turned out fine. I feel great and I’m incredibly grateful that everything went well. I truly believe that everything worked out because God was looking out for me. The staff, nurses, and Dr. Carlos were all extremely kind. They provided excellent care, constantly checking in on me to ensure my comfort and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend CER Bariatrics because, honestly, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. First Touch Surgery Day Surgery Postop Surgery 3 Months later Personalized Help: CER Bariatrics offers personalized surgeries like gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy to suit your needs. Skilled Team: The doctors and everyone on the team are experts, like Dr. Carlos, and they truly care about each patient's needs. Super Supportive: The staff, the nurses, and Dr. Carlos were very kind. They made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Pain-Free Care: I was worried about feeling pain after the surgery, but the team took such good care [...]

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