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Diet Progression Stages After Bariatric Surgery

  Setting out on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle with CER Bariatrics is an empowering decision. Following bariatric surgery, it's crucial to adhere to a structured diet progression for optimal recovery and long-term success. Let's explore the key stages that will guide you through this transformative process. Stage 1: Clear Liquids Transitioning from surgery to a solid food routine requires patience and adherence to a well-defined plan. In the initial days, your focus will be on clear liquids. These include: - Broth: Sip on clear, non-creamy broths to stay hydrated and provide essential nutrients. - Water: Hydration is key; ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. - Sugar-free Jello: A delightful way to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your progress. Stage 2: Full Liquids As your body adjusts, progress to the full liquids stage. This phase introduces more substantial options while still maintaining a liquid form: - Protein Shakes: Opt for high-protein, low-sugar shakes to support muscle recovery. - Pureed Soups: Enjoy nourishing soups with well-blended, easy-to-digest ingredients. - Yogurt: Choose low-fat, sugar-free yogurt to enhance your protein intake. Stage 3: Soft Foods Now, let's move to the soft foods stage, adding more variety to [...]

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My Life-Changing Journey with CER Bariatrics

  Hey there! I'm Heather, and I'm thrilled to share my amazing experience with CER Bariatrics. I'm from South East Georgia, and I decided to go for the Gastric Sleeve with them. Let me tell you, it was fantastic from start to finish! My Life-Changing Journey with CER Bariatrics My trip was smooth sailing. The flight was great, and the ride they arranged from the hotel to the hospital was just perfect. When I got to the hospital, Ari was there to greet me. They walked me through everything, making sure I knew what was going on. It was super welcoming and set the stage for a positive experience. Meeting the Team I met a bunch of doctors and nurses, and let me tell you, they were so helpful and kind. The surgeon explained every detail about the surgery and what to expect. They're taking COVID super seriously, making sure everyone's safe with tests and limited visitors. The hospital was spotless, which made me feel really safe and happy about being there. Total Recommendation Overall, I'm over the moon with how I was treated and the whole setup. I'd totally recommend CER Bariatrics to anyone thinking about this. Why [...]

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Milk alternatives for bariatric patients

Are you on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle with CER Bariatrics? One of the crucial aspects that might slip your mind is the selection of milk alternatives for bariatric patients. Picking the right one not only enhances your well-being but also aligns with your weight loss goals. Let's take a closer look at this essential decision-making process with clarity and precision.   Understanding Your Options:   Navigating through the array of milk alternatives requires an understanding of the variety available. Each option comes with its own set of benefits, and your choice should align with your dietary preferences and nutritional needs.   - Almond Milk:   - This alternative boasts a light and nutty flavor.   - It's low in calories, making it suitable for those mindful of their weight.   - Additionally, it's rich in vitamin E and healthy fats.   - Soy Milk:   - With a protein content comparable to cow's milk, soy milk is an excellent source of this essential nutrient.   - It contains essential amino acids crucial for your body's well-being.   - Soy milk is also a great supplier of calcium.   - Oat Milk:   - If you prefer a creamy texture, oat milk is an ideal choice, [...]

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Busting Myths About Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana

Starting a weight loss journey is a big deal. If you're thinking about getting gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, there are some myths we need to clear up. Let's dive into the facts, focusing on the awesome services provided by CER Bariatrics. Myth 1: Not Enough Expertise in Tijuana Clinics Reality: CER Bariatrics has top-notch surgeons with loads of experience in gastric sleeve surgeries. They follow high standards, keeping your safety in mind. Successful surgeries and happy patients back up our clinic's good reputation. Myth 2: Safety is a Question Mark Reality: Safety is the name of the game at CER Bariatrics. We follow strict safety rules, keep everything super clean, and use the latest technology. Your well-being is our top priority, and we're ready for any emergency. Myth 3: Language Issues Reality: No worries about language at CER Bariatrics. Our team speaks English, making sure you're comfortable and in the loop from start to finish. No language barriers here! Myth 4: Post-Surgery Support is Unreliable Reality: At CER Bariatrics, we get it - the journey doesn't stop after surgery. We've got your back with nutritional guidance, follow-up appointments, and a community that cares. You're not alone in this. [...]

How to Stop Using Food for Comfort After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Deciding to have weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass, is a significant step towards a healthier life. CER Bariatrics understands the challenges you might face after this surgery and wants to support you through every step of your journey. Many people find it tough to let go of their emotional connection with food, even after such a life-changing surgery. This article aims to help individuals transition to healthier habits and Stop Using Food for Comfort, especially by addressing emotional eating after the surgery. Understanding Emotional Eating After Gastric Bypass: What Is Emotional Eating: Emotional eating means turning to food as a way to handle feelings, rather than simply eating when hungry. It's like using food as a way to deal with emotions like stress, boredom, sadness, or even happiness. Challenges After Gastric Bypass Surgery: While the surgery helps by making it harder to eat large amounts of food, it doesn't immediately change how we feel about food emotionally. The smaller stomach size might limit what you can eat, but the emotional bond with food might remain. Strategies to Overcome Emotional Eating: Get Support: Building a strong support system is important. Connect with a therapist, join support groups, or talk [...]

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CER Bariatrics – A Personal Journey to Health and Wellness

"Hey there, I'm Lilly Braham, and I'd love to share my A Personal Journey to Health with you, coming from Houston, Texas to CER Hospital for a Mini Bypass surgery. At 45, my experience at CER has been beyond amazing! The team here is incredibly caring, answering all my questions and making sure I'm comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Carlos Alberto was fantastic, taking time to explain every procedure and detail thoroughly. Jack and Ari, my coordinators, were absolute gems, ensuring I felt secure and informed throughout the process." "COVID protocols at CER were top-notch, exactly as expected. They've made sure to prioritize safety for both patients and staff. The cleanliness and adherence to these protocols were very reassuring, creating a calm and secure environment. I never felt lost or confused - everything was well-organized and structured, giving me peace of mind." "I wholeheartedly recommend CER Hospital for anyone considering Bariatric Surgery. In fact, I'm planning to return for plastic surgery once I hit my goal weight. Both procedures are something I'd confidently endorse after my positive experience." Now, let's dive into the details of why CER Bariatrics stands out and how it can transform lives: Personalized [...]

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Snacks for Post-Bariatric Surgery Recovery

  The journey after bariatric surgery involves adjustments, especially when it comes to your eating habits. Finding the right Snacks for Post-Bariatric Surgery becomes crucial, particularly ones that offer substantial protein and are gentle on the stomach. At CER Bariatrics, we deeply understand the significance of a balanced diet while ensuring you get enough protein for your recovery and ongoing well-being. Here, we've handpicked six fantastic high-protein snacks tailored to aid bariatric patients in their journey: Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a super choice for bariatric patients due to its abundant protein content. It's smooth on the stomach and comes in a variety of flavors. Choose plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt to avoid extra sugars. You can jazz it up with a drizzle of honey or fresh fruits for a tasty and nutritious snack. String Cheese or Cheese Sticks: Cheese is an outstanding source of protein and can be conveniently packed as a snack. String cheese or cheese sticks provide portion control and are easy to digest. Aim for low-fat or reduced-fat options to manage calorie intake. Protein Bars: Select protein bars specifically formulated for bariatric patients. These bars offer high protein content and are usually low in sugar. However, [...]

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Munah’s Journey with CER Bariatrics Hospital

"Hey there! I'm Munah Mulbah, and I want to share my recent experience with CER Bariatrics Hospital in Mexico. I'm from Faribault, Minnesota, and after checking online, I chose to have my Gastric Bypass surgery at CER Bariatrics. Let me tell you why I think this place is awesome for people looking for weight loss surgery solutions." Why CER Bariatrics is Special Skilled Experts: The doctors at CER Bariatrics Hospital are really good at what they do. My doctor did the surgery well, and the team, including the nurses, was very helpful and made the whole thing feel easy. Great Care: When I got there, everyone was really friendly. The care and kindness they showed were amazing. Especially Ari, my coordinator, who was there for me even late at night. She was a superstar, making sure I felt okay all the time. Smooth Process: I was nervous at first, but once I got to CER Bariatrics, I felt much better. The surgery went well, and I didn’t feel much pain afterward. It's crazy how good I felt so soon after the surgery. Why Choose CER Bariatrics Excellent Medical Care: The doctors there know their stuff. They've done a lot [...]

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Sonya’s Journey: Gastric Sleeve Experience at CER Bariatrics

Sonya's Journey at CER Bariatrics "I came to CER Bariatrics from Dallas, Texas to get the Gastric Sleeve done. Everything's been awesome! Dr. Carlos was amazing, and the whole staff here was wonderful. They've got solid COVID protocols to keep everyone safe, and the place is super clean and sanitized. If you're considering this, CER Bariatrics is the way to go. They're pros and take care of you from start to finish. The coordinators here are fantastic at answering questions. They've been there from the get-go, even at midnight! Jack, the coordinator, met us right when we got here and stuck with us through the whole process. It's really comforting to have that kind of support going through a procedure like this. No worries coming to Mexico for me, but some folks do get anxious. My husband is Mexican, so it's cool for me, but let me tell you, it's safe here. Don't worry. They take care of you from the minute you step into the facility until you're back at the airport." Hi there, I'm Sonya! I went to CER Bariatrics for the Gastric Sleeve, and it's been fantastic. Dr. Carlos and the team are great, really making [...]

Embracing Calmness: Meditation guide After Weight Loss Surgery

We get it; it's not just about your body but also about how you feel inside. And guess what? Meditation After Weight Loss Surgery can be your secret weapon for feeling awesome! Why Meditation After Weight Loss Surgery Matters? Keeping Your Mind Strong: After weight loss surgery, your mind might need some extra love. Meditation is like a cozy blanket for your thoughts, helping you stay strong mentally. Balancing Your Emotions: Sometimes, emotions can feel like a rollercoaster after surgery. Meditation is like a superhero cape, helping you ride those emotions with grace. Bye-Bye Stress: Life can be stressful, but meditation is like a magic wand that helps make stress disappear. It's like a mini-vacation for your mind! Easy Meditation Tips for Beginners Breathing Buddy: Find a comfy spot, sit down, and take deep breaths. Inhale the good vibes, exhale the stress. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to your breath. Body Scan Adventure: Lie down and explore your body with your mind. Imagine each part relaxing, like a superhero getting ready for a chill-out session. Picture Perfect: Close your eyes and picture happy scenes. It could be a beach, a forest, or even a cozy room. [...]

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