Effects of alcohol after weight loss surgery

To be able to drink alcohol again, there will be alterations, especially if you are a heavy drinker since you may not drink as much as you once did. Current research indicates that after undergoing weight loss surgery, individuals experience altered metabolism, resulting in a higher and faster peak in blood alcohol level and a delayed return to normal. Additionally, many patients consume less food while drinking alcohol, leading to accelerated alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. Explore our specialized website for essential information on how alcohol can affect your recovery post-surgery. All it takes is a single drink to elevate blood alcohol level to the point of legal intoxication.

Precautions of drinking alcohol after surgery

Alcohol is high in calories and low in nutrients which is why excess from alcohol can slow weight loss and can contribute to weight gain. Rapid weight-loss and low carbohydrate intake can lead to reduced sugar or glycogen in your body; Alcohol consumption further deplete glycogen, which causes blood sugar levels to drop.

Drinking alcohol can also make an addiction transfer to patients with a history of addiction. With the dramatic reduction of food consumption after bariatric surgery, a number of patients have traded their food addiction with other well known addictions so we suggest that you keep everything moderate and avoid overdoing anything.

Be careful and mindful about your alcohol intake since evidence suggests that the likelihood of developing an Alcohol Use Disorder is higher after bariatric surgery. The best alcoholic drinks we suggest for you are the zero-calorie or low calorie mixers and dry wine because the calories are lower than other general mixed drinks.

Weight loss surgery and alcohol do not go very well together

In many cultures alcohol is a central part of life, many adults drink socially or for special events and it’s been a big part of people’s culture so at times leaving alcohol completely can really be one of the biggest challenges. However, weight loss surgery and alcohol do not go very well together. While alcohol is not generally linked to dangerous conditions when consumed moderately and responsibly, its use after surgery can have a negative impact, since your body will metabolize differently.


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