Cocoa’s healing prowess for recovery: As you begin your recovery journey with CER Bariatrics, finding delicious, nutrient-packed options that support your healing while allowing you to enjoy your favorite treats is essential. One great option is Protein Hot Cocoa, a warm beverage perfect for chilly winter nights or whenever you need a comforting drink. Let’s look at this tasty recipe that combines cocoa’s richness with protein’s benefits.

What are the reasons for selecting Protein Hot Cocoa?

Protein-Packed: With 28 grams of protein per serving, Protein Hot Cocoa substantially boosts your daily protein intake, which is crucial for post-operative recovery and muscle maintenance.

Delicious and Comforting: Indulge in hot cocoa’s rich, creamy goodness without compromising your nutritional goals. Protein Hot Cocoa offers both taste and health benefits.

Customizable: Tailor your cocoa to suit your preferences by experimenting with different flavors and add-ins, such as sugar-free syrups or extracts. Make each cup a personalized delight!

Cocoa, mainly when consumed as part of protein cocoa, can have several beneficial effects on the healing process during bariatric surgery recovery:

Harnessing Cocoa’s Therapeutic Benefits for Optimal Healing After Bariatric Surgery

Cocoa has many healing properties that can help with the recovery process after surgery. It contains flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce excessive inflammation. Cocoa also helps improve blood flow to the surgical site. Its antioxidants aid in wound healing by protecting cells and stimulating collagen production. Cocoa also contains essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc, which are important for immune function and wound healing. Finally, protein cocoa provides the benefits of cocoa and crucial nutrients from added protein powder, which can aid in tissue repair and muscle maintenance during the recovery period after surgery.

Cocoa's healing prowess for recovery


  • 1 cup low-fat milk

  • 1 package sugar-free hot chocolate mix

  • 1 scoop (¼ cup) unflavored protein powder

Difficulty : Easy. Serves : 1

Flavorful Twists: Here are some tips to enhance the flavor of your cocoa while leveraging cocoa’s healing prowess for bariatric recovery:

  • Use high-quality cocoa powder.
  • Sweeten with stevia or monk fruit.
  • Add spices like cinnamon or vanilla extract.
  • Use creamy milk alternatives.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • Experiment with extracts like peppermint or almond.
  • Include healthy fats such as coconut oil or nut butter.
  • Mix with coffee for a mocha flavor.
  • Add citrus zest.
  • Melt in dark chocolate.
  • Try different sweeteners like honey.
  • Make it frothy for a café-style experience.

These changes can make your cocoa more enjoyable and beneficial for post-bariatric surgery recovery.

Cooking Steps

  • 1

    Heat the Goodness: In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, whisk together the milk, sugar-free hot chocolate mix, and unflavored protein powder.

  • 2

    Whisk to Perfection: Continuously whisk the mixture until it’s warm. Be cautious not to let it boil.

  • 3

    Pour and Enjoy: Once warmed, pour your protein-infused cocoa into a heat-proof mug and savor the goodness.

Cocoa’s Healing Power for Recovery: Nutrition Facts


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