Panda Express: Your Bariatric-Friendly Guide

We’ll explore how Panda Express, your friendly neighborhood fast-food spot, can seamlessly fit into your post-bariatric Friendly guide. Congratulations on taking that brave step toward a healthier you with bariatric surgery! Remember, your journey doesn’t stop with the surgery; it continues with every choice you make, especially when it comes to what you eat.

The Panda Express Menu for Bariatric Patients

Navigating menus after bariatric surgery might feel like solving a puzzle, but worry not! Panda Express has you covered on Your Journey to Better Health with some delicious and health-conscious options. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive deep into their menu to uncover the bariatric-friendly treasures hidden within.

Chicken Delights at Panda Express

  • String Bean Chicken – A Light and Satisfying Choice for Gastric Sleeve Warriors
  • Potato Chicken – Flavorful and Easy on Post-Bypass Stomachs
  • Mushroom Chicken – A Protein-Packed Veggie Combo Worth Trying
  • Grilled Asian Chicken – Marinated Goodness for Bariatric Champions
  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken – A Sweet and Savory Sensation
  • Teriyaki Chicken – A Healthy Twist on Classic Teriyaki

If you love chicken, you’re in luck. Panda Express offers a range of options tailored to your specific bariatric needs. From the light and satisfying String Bean Chicken to the flavorful yet gentle Potato Chicken, there’s a diverse selection of protein-packed choices that will agree with your post-surgery stomach.

Beef and Fish Delights

  • Firecracker Shrimp – Adding Zest to Your Bariatric Journey
  • Broccoli Beef – Hearty Goodness for Post-Bypass Heroes
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak – Peppered Protein Perfection
  • Steamed Ginger Fish – A Light and Flavorful Seafood Option

Whether you’re craving beef or fish, Panda Express has got you covered. Spice things up with the Firecracker Shrimp or savor the hearty goodness of Broccoli Beef. If you’re into a peppery kick, the Black Pepper Angus Steak is a top choice. And if you prefer seafood, the Steamed Ginger Fish offers a lighter yet flavor-packed option.

Irresistible Appetizers

  • Super Side Greens – A Veggie Medley for Health Enthusiasts
  • Hot and Sour Soup – Flavorful Broth for Bariatric Foodies
  • Veggie Spring Rolls – Crunchy Veggie-Packed Delight
  • Cream Cheese Rangoon – Creamy Indulgence for Post-Bypass Treats
  • Chicken Egg Roll – A Protein-Packed Starter
  • Chicken Potsticker – Dumplings to Delight

Appetizers are like the opening act before the main event at Panda Express. Super Side Greens offer a medley of veggies for those conscious of their health, while Hot and Sour Soup delivers flavorful broth for foodies who’ve had bariatric surgery.

If you’re all about crunch and veggies, give the Veggie Spring Rolls a try. And if you’re in the mood for creamy indulgence after your bypass, the Cream Cheese Rangoon won’t disappoint. For those seeking a protein-packed start, both the Chicken Egg Roll and Chicken Potsticker have got you covered.

Panda Express: A Brief History

Before we dive into the menu, let’s take a quick look at Panda Express’s story. This Chinese food sensation started back in 1983 when Andrew Cherng opened the first restaurant in Glendale, California. The star of the show? The famous orange chicken, created by Chef Andy Kao, which became incredibly popular, with Panda Express serving a whopping 80 million pounds of it by 2016.

Panda Express’s success even landed its founders, Andrew and Peggy Cherng, in the California Restaurant Association Hall of Fame. In 1999, they launched Panda Cares, a charitable arm focused on providing food, funding, and volunteer services to those in need, including underserved children and disaster relief efforts.

Wrapping Up Your Bariatric Adventure

As we conclude this culinary adventure, remember that making informed choices for your post-bariatric journey is crucial. Panda Express offers options that align with your dietary needs, but it’s up to you to continue making choices that support your health and well-being. Enjoy the tasty variety available and savor the flavors that play a role in your journey to a healthier you.

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